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Congress / Veterans

01 Dec 2013 00:10 #131 by jdavis
Replied by jdavis on topic Congress / Veterans
I do agree that some new members of Congress go charging up the hill to get a job done and are stopped by many fractions, first their own party, then lobbyists, then big corporations.

What people need to do is wake up, if the person they voted for cannot or will not accomplish the task they promised to accomplish, then there should be no second chance, vote them out next term.

At the same time we just might rid ourselves of the career politician.

In regard to all the Veteran Service Organizations, most, and more specifically the Big Six all testify before Congress using their “membership” numbers as their weapon, when they should be using those members to sign petitions at each lodge or post and sending to DC, and getting the attention of Senators and Congressman that way.

I can guarantee you if they did this then pulled in media with press releases and public announcements they’d get the attention to bills needed being passed!

Veterans-For-Change has been asking, pleading with Veterans to wake up, join an organization that is pro-active, and makes their voices heard, to stop relying on organizations who are numbers based versus pro-active based.

Imagine what could be accomplished if all 535 members of Congress were saturated with “LETTERS” or “FAXES” not just from hundreds but thousands or millions of Veterans on a constant basis!

Veterans make up 6-7% of the vote for all members of Congress, and that 6-7% can literally make or break a campaign for election or re-election!

But the one thing you can’t and shouldn’t do is any kind of a “phase-in” or “phase-out” in many cases it does need to be an all or nothing.

Think for am minute, when a member of Congress wants pork added to a bill do you not think they do an all or nothing?

Jim Davis
Founder & CEO
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16 Nov 2013 18:29 #116 by sogrecon
Replied by sogrecon on topic Congress / Veterans
I agree that we need more, many more individuals in both the House and the Senate of our Federal Congress! It is also true that because there are so many reps in Congress with absolutely no military service in their background, we tend to get far less attention zeroed in on bills that affect us!

However, the poor ratio of reps with/without military background is not the only problem we face in Congress! Many very well meaning reps go charging up the Hill with the idea that they are going to make some big changes only to find out that Party Dictates stop them in their tracks! If they want to remain in Washington, get re-elected to a 2nd and more terms, they will have to learn to "go with the flow," so to speak. These well-meaning reps end up supporting the will of the Party and not the will of the people who voted them into office. These do-gooders, new to the ways of Congress, find out very quickly that they will support the issues that the Party wants them to support, or keep their bags packed.

Secondly, in my view, the existence of Veterans Service Organizations (VSO's) is part of the problem. We have so many groups testifying at Committee Meetings; pushing perhaps the same bills, giving their opinions why this or that bill should be considered. I can only think of one thing all these VSOs have convinced Congress of and that is, Veterans are not capable of organizing themselves! One voice, backed up by millions of Veterans, would represent the largest lobby group in the country with unbelievable power. Of course, that probably will never happen; we have so many Veterans groups because some members could not agree and they began forming another Veterans group, and then another and another, etc.

In my opinion, the decision made by the major Veterans groups to demand "ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL" when we sought concurrent receipt of our earned retirement pay and our awarded VA compensation was the single reason why we always got NOTHING for decades upon decades.
Finally, in response to a suggestion by Congressman Michael Bilirakis that we accept concurrent receipt of both benefits for those Veterans categorized 50% or more disabled, several smaller Veterans groups gathered sufficient support to get that "partial" benefit passed. The reason it passed is obvious; the sense of the Congress dictated that those Veterans rated 50% or more were considered the most seriously disabled Veterans! It took more than 113 years to finally get some financial support to those Veterans who were considered the most severely disabled Veterans. Obviously, not all of the members of the major Veterans Organizations agreed with the leadership's decision to accept all or nothing at all!

The all or nothing stance prevented disabled Veterans, unable to seek gainful employment, to live a life above near-poverty. Many of these Veterans had to waive ALL of their retirement pay in order to receive VA compensation (which was non-taxable) because the compensation was larger than their retirement pay. Passage of concurrent receipt was a godsend to these disabled Veterans!

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19 Aug 2013 08:40 #92 by daleisok1
Replied by daleisok1 on topic Congress / Veterans
I have had contact with quite a few veterans that want to get approved but are not willing to do the leg work or the research involved. They want it all done in one neat package. It doesn't work that way.

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06 Feb 2013 22:52 #45 by jdavis
Congress / Veterans was created by jdavis
The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

Jim Davis
Founder & CEO
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