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i am looking for help to get service conection OSA

08 Jul 2014 17:14 #176 by jdavis
Sgt. Savage:

The one thing I missed unless I mis-read, is you’re already rated 100%? Correct?

If so, even if they did rate you for OSA, I’m almost certain it would not affect your current 100% and definitely not get you any more benefits wise.

Does the VA at least treat you for the OSA or is that through Civilian care?

If the VA is not covering you for this, which they should as you’re 100%, then I would definitely speak to your VSO, get another C&P done, and a Nexus letter from your current PC if he/she will write one for you.

They already know what a Nexus is, you just need to ask for one.

IF by chance they act stupid… you can go here on the website in the library and do a search for “NEXUS” and the two templates will pop up for you to download.

Jim Davis
Founder & CEO
08 Jul 2014 17:12 #175 by jdavis
J Scotti:

You're right!

Jim Davis
Founder & CEO
08 Jul 2014 14:06 #174 by sgtsavage
Thank you Jim. I am pretty sure you are one of the early birds in posting info on VA claims. I recall you from 15-20 years ago having some issues with blood pressure. VFC sure has grown a lot and you are providing a great service.
95% of my care for the past 20 plus years has been with the VA altho I am also retired military and civil service. The Nexus statement is what I am interested since I am compensated for diabetes (RVN-AO) and a host of other illnesses. Are there any medical papers or VAB decisions supporting that connection? And what blood pressure? For ten years I had ischemic heart disease and then according to my last check up, I did not but that was after the presumption.
08 Jul 2014 13:42 #173 by jscotti50
I believe once you hit 100% you can't go any high.
07 Jul 2014 23:29 #172 by jdavis
Sgt. Savage:

There are many ways to have both OSA and Diabetes SC. But all depends on where you served, if exposed to AO, or TCE/PCE, Benzene, Burn Pits etc.

If you’d like to expand on your health issues, service time frames and locations of service, I might be better able to directly address your need.

I’d also be interested to know if you have been seeing a VA Doctor or Civilian Doctor for the past 15 years, what medical records you can obtain, and if your doctor is willing to write a Nexus Letter in support of your OSA and Diabetes, if he/she can connect to the chemicals listed above, and if you’re a Vietnam, Gulf War, OIF/OEF Vet.

If you’re not comfortable putting that information into the forum, feel free to contact me via E-Mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Jim Davis
Founder & CEO
07 Jul 2014 17:33 #170 by sgtsavage
I have sleep apnea and have used the CPAP for the past 15 years. I am also diabetic and have high blood pressure which I understand may be connected but on what basis are so many vets now getting service connection for sleep apnea? Several years ago I made the claim but it was denied. Is there new evidence? As a 100% (160 total) vet I do not have coverage for sleep apnea when I visit foreign countries for the winter and also understand if I should have my death attributed to sleep apnea as a non-service connected illness, then it will affect what VA benefits may be given to my widow. So that is why I am interested.

12 Jun 2014 02:43 #166 by jdavis

If you were diagnosed already, did you begin a claim, have a C&P done, or need more assist with getting a claim done, or need more documentation to support a claim?

There is some information here on the VFC website. Just log in, go the libraries, click on search, and type on Sleep Apnea and all the docs online will appear in a list.

But if you want to provide more information that might help me to further assist, you can write to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Just do NOT include any confidential information such as service number etc.


Jim Davis
Founder & CEO
11 Jun 2014 22:04 #165 by jscotti50
Looking for help to get service connection for obstructed sleep apnea diaignosed after I retired 2004. sleep study was done 2007.
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