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The government restricts access for linux

08 Nov 2014 18:31 #190 by jdavis
Replied by jdavis on topic The government restricts access for linux

Im bar far no pro, or able to offer direction, but I know you can have multiple Operating Systems in one PC.

I don't know if you have a pro there you have access to, but if you do, ask them to put in a mirror system for you and set it up to only open files and read files you want and need.

We did this at work as two of our programs will not work in Win8, so we have a secondary OS of Win XP-Pro just to use them.

I am sorry about your health, but I am glad to hear you're doing your best to look out for your family.

Please let me know if there is a way I can assist.

Oh... if you get access to the forms, print them out and keep in a folder or in a box all together, so god forbid the time comes it will all be there for your wife.


Jim Davis
Founder & CEO
25 Oct 2014 18:11 #187 by pweber
I am angry and here is a copy of a letter I filed with DFAS, after I sent the e-mail I found that several federal sites are using non-universal products which limit use to non linux users.


As a military retiree I am dumbfounded that I can no longer access forms
on your site. Once upon a time this was not an issue and I could use
forms on your site without getting errors from the browser on my system.

Once a year I review my In Case of my Death procedures to assist my
family members upon my demise. This year I got an unwelcome surprise, I
can no longer access the forms with my browser. These forms will be
extremely important the day I die to my survivors.

Due to virus issues that occurred over fifteen years ago, in my house we
switched all of our computers to the Linux operating system. I have had
everything running like a Swiss watch up until today. Adobe has decided
to no longer release their binary codes for Linux; therefore, excluding
all Linux users on your system from using your forms. So I ask you, how
do you think my survivor's will feel when they navigate to your site and
are unable to access your system? Personally I'm not at all comfortable
with the current answer. We live overseas with Spanish being the
language we use at home.

Why did you not consider the growing number of people who do not use the
Windows or Mac operating systems when developing your web pages?

Why are you dependent on a program developed by Adobe that is not
universal for the general use of your users?

Who can I speak with to get the forms and establish a procedure for my
family members?

Do you expect me to purchase a computer with Windows?

Should I contact my congresswoman to explain these difficulties with

I am not at all satisfied with your current website due to its
inoperable status for my family's use. Because this is no way to operate
a site that is supposedly built for universal use. Therefore, I would
really like to know why you have discriminated against a large number of
your users.

One final thought; what would happen if your survivors couldn't access
the basic functions to report your death to avoid a financial hardship?

This is from a disgruntled retiree,
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