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10 Mar 2015 15:29 - 10 Mar 2015 15:35 #218 by hopeless
Replied by hopeless on topic Introduction
I was a Combat Engineer, 6 months Korea, exposed to Super Agent Orange, Agent Orange and agents Pink, Blue, White and the worst of the worst purple. Serviced two Years Vietnam in the delta, 1967-69. I have fought the Veterans Administration since I was turned away in 1971 my last year in Vietnam I was Diagnosed by the Army as having Combat fatigue. I was told along with my father that Vietnam Veterans needed to pull themselves up by the boot straps and get on with their lives. I have over 300% in medical problems from agent orange.

I do not use the Veterans Health Care for anything but my medications. I have put myself in Gods hands and have a DNR in-place I am dying from "Chemical Warfare Weapon Agent Orange", (CWWAO) is the real name for agent orange it was made to kill. Our government took it off the Bio/Chemical list so it could be use in Vietnam.

The United States Government is the causation to commit "Genocide's of Vietnam Veterans. Lack of understanding of the effects CWWAO to prolong Vietnam Veterans Lives. The only concern is making money for them selves, bonuses, kick backs, dumping Vets claims you can name it fits "RICO Act to a "T". I sign in as hopeless that is the Veterans Administration.
25 Jan 2015 14:06 #207 by jdavis
Replied by jdavis on topic Introduction

Welcome home, and thank you for your service, and welcome aboard to Veterans-For-Change!

I also thank you for being one of a small handful to stand up for Veterans!


Jim Davis
Founder & CEO
25 Jan 2015 11:50 #206 by mikeex
Replied by mikeex on topic Introduction
Hi all:

I just joined today and wanted to say hello. I joined after reading Jim Davis messages to some close friends that I was a "cc". This group is something that I appreciate as the garbage that we have seen from The White House, Congress, the VA, Institute of Medicine, Center for Disease Control (CDC) and others needs to be fought. Most veterans groups who once were active are now not to be found. I attended this last IOM Agent Orange public meeting (the last one as the AO Act of 1991 is ending with this coming report which is due late this year). There were three of us there. The first Public Meeting I attended was in 1992 and there were 500 persons. The illnesses suffered by us and our children and grandchildren are not going away. There has to be places where our word has to be heard.
Sorry for the long winded hello.
Mike (I still Chair the AO/Dioxin Committee for the NJ State Council VVA)
06 Dec 2014 17:30 #197 by jdavis
Replied by jdavis on topic Introduction

You’re one awesome person! And it takes an awesome person to be a Service members spouse, and an even more awesome person to stay and be a Veterans wife!

It’s just a shame most have to fight and fight just to get what they have been promised, earned, and need.

I’m so glad you were there for your husband and remain so today.

And congrats on your education too!


Jim Davis
Founder & CEO
The following user(s) said Thank You: LGMary
05 Dec 2014 21:38 #196 by LGMary
Introduction was created by LGMary
I am the wife of an Honorably Discharged Air Commando. For the past 15 years, he has suffered from illnesses associated with his service in Viet Nam. I have had to learn to be a nurse, counselor, health manager, dietician, and home health aid. I do this not only because I love this man, I do this because every Veteran who serves Honorably should be treated with the utmost respect and consideration. Believe me, all these things were furthest from my life as a Harley Davidson Parts and Service Manager. I have stood for him and with him on VA issues and defended his life on several occasions. I consider myself his voice. I was able to use his education benefit for a degree in Administrative Management, in return, I use my education to defend his rights in all areas necessary.
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