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Despite recommendations for reinstatement, VA stands by firing of top Memphis VA chief of surgery

Memphis VAMC


The Department of Veterans Affairs is standing by its decision to fire a top doctor at the Memphis VA Medical Center last year, despite recommendations from officials to reinstate the former chief of surgery as a general surgeon, records show.

Darryl Weiman was fired last October by Director David Dunning for “failure to lead and act.” The move came during sweeping changes by administrators aimed at improving the hospital that received a one-star rating by the VA for its death and infection rates, among other factors.

But Weiman’s firing at the time — along with the firing of Susan Calhoun, former head of anesthesiology — led to allegations that VA administrators were using the hospital’s doctors as scapegoats for ongoing issues.

The same independent examiner who conducted a review of Weiman’s appeal, looked into the grievance filed by Calhoun. And though a similar recommendation that Calhoun be granted relief in her reinstatement, along with compensation, VA MidSouth Healthcare Network Director Cynthia Breyfogle upheld Calhoun’s termination.


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