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Too many Veterans still at war in the shadows

War in the Shadows


This is an opinion cartoon.


"Some 161 service men and women have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last 4 ½ years -- a little less than three deaths per month. They are tragedies, and we mourn, as we should, with medals and flags and honors. Yet across the nation 20 Veterans take their own lives every day, on average.


“Every day.”


"In Alabama in 2016 – one year alone – 128 Veterans took their own lives. And hundreds more live on the streets across Alabama.


“We salute our fallen heroes, and ignore them on our park benches.” - John Archibald

Our Alabama’s homeless Veterans series has given us the opportunity to talk with several Veterans who have dealt with homelessness, alcoholism and various stages of depression. Regardless of how they wound up on the streets, many talk about how they didn’t want to ask for help. How they didn’t want to be a burden to anybody. How they felt worthless, isolated, stuck in the shadows. Some talked about how they didn’t want to live anymore.

The ones who found help before it was too late have inspirational stories to share. We want to hear more inspirational stories and fewer tragic statistics.

We heard many inspirational stories at a recent American Legion Veterans Retreat near Wetumpka, Alabama. Check out parts of three of those stories in this video.


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