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VA News

VA officials push back on Congress’ blue water Navy benefits fix

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VA Push Back BWN


WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs officials strongly opposed legislative plans to extend disability payouts to roughly 90,000 Veterans who claim exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, saying the move could set a problematic precedent for future benefits awards.

VA staff plea: End 'incompetence' and fix worsening conditions at DC hospital

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VA staff plea


WASHINGTON – Employees at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Washington pleaded with the new VA secretary to take action as conditions at the facility have continued to deteriorate even after national leaders swept in more than a year ago, removed the hospital director and sent in patient-care experts to help.

Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act

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VA Appeals


The VA appeals process is going through its biggest change since the 1980s. In 2017, Congress passed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act. This act takes apart the current appeal system and replaces it with a new process aimed to improve the experience for all involved in the process.

Eye Conditions and the VA

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Eye Condition


Over 250,000 Veterans are receiving disability compensation for eye or vision conditions; over 80,000 alone from the Gulf War. Also, 75% of Veterans with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have vision problems, often without even realizing the problems are related to their TBI or getting compensation for the vision condition as secondary to the TBI. Eye conditions range from injuries, damage from exposures and illnesses or diseases contracted while in service. There are also eye conditions that are secondary to other medical conditions that are eligible for VA disability. The VA Healthcare system also provides eligible Veterans with eyeglasses or eye care if they meet certain requirements. In this blog, we will explore some of the eye conditions that are eligible for disability benefits, how they are rated by the VA, and what requirements a Veteran must meet to get eye care through the VA Health Care system.

Are You Eligible For Additional Payment for Asbestos Related Illnesses?

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Asbestos 02


Most US Veterans who worked around asbestos and have an asbestos related lung condition know to apply for VA disability compensation benefits. At Hill and Ponton, we are here to help Veterans fight for their VA benefits. Today, however, we are leaving our area of specialization to make sure Veterans who have been exposed to asbestos know about another benefit they can file for, the Asbestos Trust Funds. Veterans, and their family members, who have asbestos-related conditions, are eligible for a monetary compensation from one or more of several trust funds created to pay victims of asbestos exposure by companies who manufactured and used asbestos, including the US Military. The creation of the trust funds started with the Federal-Mogul Corporation.

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