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Latest News

Veteran Receives High-tech Prosthetic Hand

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Prosthetic Hand


Veteran Daniel Glanz lost his right hand while serving in Afghanistan 12 years ago. Today, Glanz has a brand new prosthetic hand with world-class technology which gives him the ability to adjust hand functions on the fly in ways that were not possible in the past.

Veterans TEE Up in Iowa City

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Gone Golfing


More than 260 Veterans with visual impairments, amputations and other physical or mental challenges will demonstrate their resilience as they participate in the 2017 National Disabled Veterans Training, Exposure and Experience (TEE) Golf Tournament, which will take place Sept. 11-15 near Iowa City, Iowa.

The Suicide Contagion: How The Effort To Combat Veterans’ Suicide May Be Making It Worse

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Suicide Contagion


In May 2011, amid President Barack Obama’s troop surge, the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division began leaving Afghanistan after a grueling year-long tour. By the end of the summer, the entire division had returned home to Fort Campbell on the Tennessee-Kentucky border, greeted by a succession of parades and award ceremonies honoring the 101st’s sacrifice in some of Afghanistan’s most volatile regions, where a total of 131 Screaming Eagles lost their lives and many more were wounded. Chests were adorned with medals; families were reunited; alcohol flowed. It was a homecoming fit for a group of soldiers who had survived the storied division’s single bloodiest deployment since the Vietnam War.

Social Security Paid Disability Benefits to More Than 700 Deceased Veterans

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Social Security


The Social Security Administration paid out nearly $38 million in disability insurance payments to 746 deceased Veterans, the agency's inspector general found, because the deaths had not been properly recorded in the agency’s databases. Unless Social Security corrects its records, it will likely make another $7.3 million in improper payments over the next 12 months. 

Keeping a promise to Veterans

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Promised Policies


“to care for him who shall have borne the battle”

President Lincoln — March 4, 1865

Even in our profoundly politically divided country, one issue has gained substantial bipartisan support — improving health care for America’s military Veterans. This motivation, coupled with a need to improve the entire American health care system, offers an opportunity to address another pressing issue, finding shelter for homeless Veterans. In the process, there might be a way to fix three massive national, organizational, politically-charged problems with one simple, cost-effective solution.

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