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For suicidal veterans, loneliness is the deadliest enemy

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Suicidal Veterans 002


About 20 veterans commit suicide every day. The primary enemy most veterans face after service is not war-related trauma but loneliness, according to a new study by researchers at Yale and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Female Air Force Commanders Are Shaking Up The Status Quo

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Female Air Force Commanders


As Air Force Commander of the 305th Operations Support Squadron at McGuire Air Force Base, Lt. Col. Jannell MacAulay focused on mindfulness and compassion. She handed the baton to Lt. Col. Michele Lobianco, who brought her own style, dialing in on self-actualization and love for her airmen. Using their own distinctive approaches, they are changing the face and the meaning of a commander. And military leadership may never be the same.

Why Are So Many Female Veterans Killing Themselves?

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Female Veterans Killing


They take their lives 2.5 times more often than civilian women

Good news about military suicides is always a double-edged sword. In our never-ending search for “why,” we ponder why male Veterans kill themselves at double the rate of their female peers, according to a recent accounting from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Maybe there’s a clue there we can apply to the guys.

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