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Home-health provider cuts off services to Veterans when the VA fails to pay its bills

VA Cuts Svcs


LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Homebound with diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments, the 68-year-old Army Veteran finally found a lifeline three months ago from a private home health provider recommended by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Are You Eligible For Additional Payment for Asbestos Related Illnesses?

Asbestos 02


Most US Veterans who worked around asbestos and have an asbestos related lung condition know to apply for VA disability compensation benefits. At Hill and Ponton, we are here to help Veterans fight for their VA benefits. Today, however, we are leaving our area of specialization to make sure Veterans who have been exposed to asbestos know about another benefit they can file for, the Asbestos Trust Funds. Veterans, and their family members, who have asbestos-related conditions, are eligible for a monetary compensation from one or more of several trust funds created to pay victims of asbestos exposure by companies who manufactured and used asbestos, including the US Military. The creation of the trust funds started with the Federal-Mogul Corporation.

VA Disability Benefits – Back to Basics

VA Disability Benefits


We often blog about the intricate details of specific issues in VA law, so I wanted to take a moment to take us back to the basics of VA disability benefits. The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) provides a number of different types of benefits, including: pension benefits, vocational benefits, readjustment benefits, Section 1151 benefits (similar to medical malpractice benefits), dependency and indemnity benefits (DIC), and VA disability compensation benefits. This blog will focus on the basics of VA disability compensation benefits.

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