If our agency has "frozen" personnel actions and issued Reduction In Force notices but the Reduction In Force effective date has not yet arrived, how can we account for any changes in Veterans' preference status?

Regardless of where you are in the process of carrying out the Reduction In Force, you must correct the Veterans' preference of employees who will now be eligible as a result of the statute. Veterans' preference cannot be "frozen" like qualifications or performance appraisals--it must be corrected right up until the day of the Reduction In Force. If a change in preference results in a different outcome for one or more employees, amended Reduction In Force notices must be issued. If such a change results in a worse offer, the affected employee must be given a full 60/120 day notice period required by regulation. This may require the agency to use a temporary exception to keep one or more employees on the rolls past the Reduction In Force effective date in order to meet this obligation.