When and how do SS disability benefits get paid out?
  • SSI: SSI benefits are paid on the 1st of every month once you’ve been approved. Post-approval, you will receive back pay starting from the date of your application, but not dating back to the beginning of your disability.
  • SSDI: The payment scheme for SSDI benefits is a little more complicated. Those that have been receiving benefits since before 1997 get their payment on the 3rd of the month, while those approved more recently receive their payment on a date that depends on their birthday. If it falls between the:
    • 1st and 10th: Paid on the 1st Wednesday of the month
    • 11th and the 20th: Paid on the 2nd Wednesday of the month
    • 21st and the 31st: Paid on the 3rd Wednesday of the month