Additional resources
  • Social Security Disability Benefits Website: The official SS website covering SSI and SSDI benefits. You can learn more about the programs and application process here.
  • Consumer Guide to Disability Income Insurance: Put together by the National Association of Health Underwriters, this resource includes information on the costs and varieties of private disability insurance policies. It can also help you to find an insurance agent that will personally help you sign up for a plan.
  • Disability Statistics: An exhaustive resource of disability statistics dating back to 1981 put together by CornellUniversity.
  • Live Well with a Disability: A guide with advice on accepting and coping with a disability by, a trusted voice in mental health.
  • Coping With Disabilities: A guide giving advice and suggestions for dealing with the difficulties caregivers of those with disabilities face.
  • Disabilities Message Board: A message board where individuals with disabilities can discuss their struggles, give advice and offer support to people going through a difficult time.