What has the Defense Department done to protect future generations of service members from accidental exposure to depleted uranium?

The Department of Defense is fully aware of its responsibility for the safe use of depleted uranium. Since the Gulf War, the DoD has dramatically stepped up its emphasis on increasing soldier and leader awareness of the hazards associated with the battlefield use of depleted uranium. The Deputy Secretary of Defense has ordered the Service Chiefs to ensure that DU awareness training is incorporated into their general military training programs. The U.S. Army's Training and Doctrine Command published Training Support Packages for general DU awareness training and certain specialty training in July 1999. The Marine Corps also uses a three-level DU training program. Both the Marines and Navy use a service-specific variant of the Army's DU Awareness Training video. The Air Force program calls for all personnel on mobility status to receive DU awareness training and has incorporated DU awareness guidance in the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical handbook carried by all deploying personnel. Complete implementation of the various training programs is underway. The Office of the Special Assistant will continue to monitor the status of the Services' DU training efforts.