What are the symptoms of Graves' Disease?

These are the most common symptoms of Graves’ Disease and hyperthyroidism:

  • trouble sleeping
  • fatigue
  • trouble getting pregnant
  • frequent bowel movements
  • irritability
  • weight loss without dieting
  • heat sensitivity
  • increased sweating
  • muscular weakness
  • changes in vision or how your eyes look
  • lighter menstrual flow
  • rapid heart beat
  • hand tremors

Graves’ Disease is the only kind of hyperthyroidism that is associated with swelling of the tissue around the eyes and bulging of the eyes. And rare cases, patients will develop a lumpy reddish thickening of the skin in front of the shins called pretibial myxedema. This skin condition is usually painless. The symptoms of this disease can occur slowly or very suddenly and are sometimes confused with other medical problems. Women can also have Graves’ Disease and have no visible symptoms at all.