What tests do you do at Sanoviv that my conventional doctor does not know about for those conditions?

Our way of doing the assessment might be different than what your MD has done. We look thoroughly into what antecedents predisposed you to the development of this disease, what problems might have triggered the imbalance and how to find the root cause of the different symptoms that you experience.

Then we perform some traditional testing such as EKG, Spirometry, chest imagery and ultrasound. We perform Bio Impedance Analysis which evaluates your metabolic rate which helps us find if your diet is right for your type. Plus, it gives us your actual level of body fat and lean mass. We verify laboratory markers that are related to metabolic syndrome such as the thyroid function, the insulin release and the levels of vitamin D in your body, among many others. We use biofeedback devices to evaluate the presence of food allergens that can trigger inflammation or the presence of any other blockages in your body. We do a sleep study for the testing of sleep apnea which is often related to obesity and is a trigger for general inflammation. We evaluate vascular integrity and test the endothelial response to stress by measuring the release of nitric oxide.

Then, our integrated team of health professionals will thoroughly assess and confirm where these imbalances are coming from and find the root causes that are contributing to your Metabolic Syndrome. This is usually a multifaceted problem that no one health professional can fully grasp or treat.