How do I get evaluated for nursing home care?

Under the Millennium Health Care Act of 1999, VA must provide or pay for nursing home care for Veterans who require it and who meet the following criteria:


  1. Have a service-connected disability rating of 70 percent or more
  2. Need nursing home care for a service-connected disability
  3. Are rated 60 percent service-connected and are either unemployable or have an official rating of “permanently and totally disabled”
  • Veterans enrolled in the VA healthcare system who require nursing home care for any other reason must meet income and asset criteria to be eligible. Placement is made based on nursing home availability and the Veteran may be assessed a co-payment for such services. Specific eligibility and admission criteria are unique to each nursing home. Learn more about long term care eligibility at If you have never been seen at a VA health care facility, you must first enroll for benefits (see #2 above). Then you must enroll in a primary care clinic (see #3 above) and ask to be evaluated for nursing home care. The evaluation will be done either by the primary care provider or a geriatric care team.