How do I know if I have this disease?

Your doctor will do a simple blood test that will be able to tell if your body has the right amount of thyroid hormones. This test measures the thyroid hormones Free T4 and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) to find out if the levels are in the normal range.

There are other tests that your doctor may choose to do, such as blood tests to find out if levels of the thyroid hormones Free T4 and Free T3 are in the normal range. Your doctor also may test how much iodine the thyroid gland can collect and take a scan, or picture, to see how the iodine moves throughout the gland. This test can be helpful in finding out the cause of and treatment for the disease.

Another test, called a Thyroid Stimulating Immunogobulin (TSI), might be used if your doctor is unsure about whether you have the disease, or for patients who have a Graves’ disease eye disorder but normal thyroid function. It can also be used to check a Graves’ disease patient’s response to treatment. TSI is also measured in pregnant women who have hyperthyroidism to diagnose Graves' disease and to assess the risk to the baby.