Things to Watch Out For

Colonoscopy is generally a very safe procedure. However, in rare circumstances, complications can occur. If you develop any of the symptoms below, call your doctor.


Abdominal pain — a small amount of abdominal discomfort following the test is normal. If you have a small amount of stomach upset, 1 tablespoon of Mylanta® or Maalox® may be very helpful. However, if you have persistent abdominal pain, or find that your abdominal discomfort is getting worse either the day of the test or several days thereafter, it is important that you contact your doctor.


Bleeding — A small amount of rectal bleeding after the colonoscopy is normal. However, if your rectal bleeding is severe (more than one half cup), contact your doctor.


Fever — If you develop a fever above 100.4 in the 2 to 3 days following your colonoscopy, contact your doctor.