I have just been diagnosed with appendix cancer, what should I do next?

  • If you've been diagnosed with appendix cancer, it is unlikely the physician who discovered your cancer has seen many other cases of appendix cancer, it is a rare cancer.  Before making any treatment decisions, it is a good idea to seek a second opinion from a physician who has seen many cases of appendix cancer and who has experience treating the disease. 
  • For a  list of physicians I have been in contact with up to this point who treat appendix cancer, along with their contact information, see my "Physicians and Facilities" page. 
  • Bring to your appointment or send prior to your appointment: copies of your history and physical, tumor marker test results (CEA, CA19-9 and CA125), operative reports, progress notes and pathology reports. You will also need to bring or send your most recent CAT scans of chest, abdomen and pelvis - reports as well as the actual films, or digitalized films on compact disk.  You should also bring PET scan films or digitalized films on compact disk and reports, (if PET scan has been done) .   When you come to see the physician they will also most likely request you bring the actual pathology slides, which you can obtain from your hospital. 
  • When you contact a specialist, they will tell you exactly what information to send to their office.  Many times they can look over your information and make an appointment to see you after they have evaluated your medical information.