What is the treatment for bone cancer?

Treatment will depend on the type of cancer, whether it has spread or not , and the size and location of the main (primary) tumor. Treatment of bone cancers is complex and involves a team of different specialists usually within an institution that is experienced in treating these types of cancers. There are 3 main types of therapy used to treat bone cancers;

  • surgery (to take out the tumor in an operation)
  • radiotherapy (using high-dose x-rays to kill cancer cells)
  • chemotherapy (using drugs to kill cancer cells)

Surgery is often used to remove the primary tumor. For tumors of the arms and legs an amputation of the limb is sometimes necessary, however, limb-sparing surgery may be possible in many cases where only the cancerous part of the bone is removed and it is replaced by a bone graft or metal prosthesis. Radiotherapy may be given as well as or instead of surgery to destroy the cancer cells. Also, chemotherapy (drugs) may also be given to kill malignant cells that may be circulating around the body.