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Homeless Veteran care

There is nothing more important to VA than ending Veteran homelessness, and the dedicated VA staff will not rest until every Veteran has a good, safe, stable home in this country they fought to defend. If you are a Veteran who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (VAGLAHS) is here to help you. VAGLAHS offers a variety of emergency, transitional and permanent housing options, plus supportive services, which are all outlined below. VAGLAHS also offers a broad range of health and mental health services to help support your well-being.

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For Veterans ready to start their journey out of homelessnessFor Veterans ready to move into a permanent homeHUD-VASH FAQsFor Veterans and their families who need a helping handFor Veterans seeking employmentFor justice-involved VeteransFor additional data on Veteran housing placements and availabilityOther resources

For Veterans ready to start their journey out of homelessness

In addition to providing healthcare, VA administers the Transitional Housing Program (THP), providing over 1,000 beds across Greater Los Angeles catchment area. VA works with more than a dozen different community partners, each committed to providing Veterans in need with temporary shelter, food, and personal items to sustain them while seeking permanent housing

Temporary Housing Hotline

For temporary housing referrals, please call:


Monday - Friday

7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

For a Veteran who needs temporary housing shelter outside of normal business hours, please call Volunteers of America (available 24/7) at 213-563-7979

Temporary Housing Program Contact List

For a comprehensive list of temporary housing providers, please click HERE

West LA VA Community Resource and Referral Center

Veterans experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless can walk into what is commonly referred to as “the Welcome Center” during normal business hours and get connected with a VA social worker, receive a health screening, be referred to a temporary housing program, and access other services, including free legal and employment assistance.

11301 Wilshire Blvd, Building 257, Los Angeles, CA 90073


Monday - Friday

7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Additional Resources

Veterans experiencing homelessness and seeking primary care services, contact Homeless Patient Aligned Care Teams (HPACT) at 310-268-3566 and/or in Building 402 at the West LA VA.

To access VA 24/7 national hotline for homeless and at-risk Veteran services:

Dial 1-877-4AID-VET

For Veterans ready to move into a permanent home

A partnership between the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs – VA Supported Housing (VASH), HUD-VASH assists eligible Veterans and their families with subsidized permanent housing and case management. This program focuses on obtaining safe, affordable, accessible, and permanent housing in a location of the Veteran’s choice. HUD-VASH helps move Veterans and their families out of homelessness and provides support to sustain stabilized independent community living. 

Please visit the Welcome Center or nearest HPACT location to begin a referral to HUD-VASH. Any VA provider will also be able to assist with a referral to the HUD-VASH program.


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What are HUD-VASH Veteran Community Voucher units?

HUD-VASH Veteran Community units are fully subsidized apartments which means your rent will be calculated at about 30-40% of your income, and your rent will adjust with your income; so if your income lowers, your rent will too. These apartments also come with supportive services from the Veteran Affairs (VA) HUD-VASH program to support your transition to your new home. To view available HUD-VASH Community (Project-Based) vacancies please visit HERE.

Can I ever move from the unit, or if I accept it am I stuck in this unit?

You are not stuck in these units. After completion of the lease agreement of one year, residents can request a tenant-based voucher which they can use with private landlords to rent. These vouchers also calculate the resident’s rent at 30-40% of their income.

Why should I consider one of these units?

In greater Los Angeles, these sites often have current vacancies. This means some units are available now and you do not have to do a housing search to try to find a landlord. It may be a quicker way to move out of homelessness rather than waiting for other opportunities; and remember, at the end of 12 months, you could elect to transition to a tenant-based voucher.

What is the process to be accepted into one of these units?

After an initial screening or pre-screening to ensure that the eligibility criteria is met, potential Veteran Community applicants compile the necessary forms / documents to go through a process of approval (separately) with HUD-VASH, the Veteran Community (Project Based) site, and the Public Housing Authority.  These approvals could happen separately or concurrently.

How do I learn about next steps?

After the completed form is submitted, reach out to the corresponding building point of contact to begin the application process. 

Are there HUD-VASH Vouchers that property managers or landlords accept?

Yes, Tenant-Based vouchers may be accepted by any property manager or landlord willing to participate in HUD-VASH. Beyond the gratification of supporting Veterans, there are several benefits for property owners who participate in VA’s HUD-VASH supportive housing program, including a cash bonus for every new lease signed with a Veteran. To learn more about HUD-VASH, including how to participate in the program if you are a property owner, by clicking HERE. Visit the LA County Housing Resource Center database of landlords currently willing to accept HUD-VASH vouchers HERE.

For Veterans and their families who need a helping hand

VA works to prevent low-income Veterans and their families from falling into homelessness through the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program, which provides grants to local nonprofits and consumer cooperatives that specialize in assisting those who are struggling financially.

SSVF offers rapid re-housing for homeless Veterans and assists Veterans who face an imminent risk of homelessness through a mix of financial assistance and other services.

This assistance includes help to apply for benefits, enroll Veterans in job training and education programs, provide subsidized childcare, and connect Veterans to free legal services and transportation.

Learn more about SSVF HERE.

For Veterans seeking employment

Veterans Community Employee Development (VCED) program’s mission is to maximize Veterans' opportunities for competitive employment that serve as an essential component of Veteran recovery and integration into the community.

VCED provides a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services to inpatients and outpatients with impairments, disabilities and handicaps resulting from psychiatric, addiction, homelessness, and medical disorders.

These services and programs include core vocational rehabilitation assessment and case management services, work therapy, supported employment, and supportive programs for the seriously mentally ill and chronically homeless. 

Contact VCED via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Call the VCED hotline at 310-478-3711 Ext. 48086.

To learn more, read the VCED program brochure for an overview of services, eligibility criteria and consult process.

 VCED Program Brochure (PDF)

For justice-involved Veterans

The mission of the Veterans Justice Outreach (VJO) Program is to identify justice-involved Veterans and contact them through outreach to facilitate access to VA services at the earliest possible point. Veterans Justice Programs accomplish this by building and maintaining partnerships between VA and key elements of the criminal justice system.

VJO specialists are present in jails and courts, making connections with Veterans to inform them of options available to reduce sentencing or clear court cases through diversion programs, and ensure Veterans receive treatment to address unmet clinical needs that may have contributed to their involvement in the justice system. For more, visit https://www.va.gov/homeless/vjo.asp. VAGLAHS VJO specialist can be reached at 213-253-2677 Ext. 24793.

To learn more about VA’s support for justice-involved Veterans, watch an informational video HERE.

For additional data on Veteran housing placements and availability

Please visit the VA Greater Los Angeles Community Impact Analytics Dashboard HERE.


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