Houston-area residents fought back against robbers and burglars this week, with three suspects either fatally shot or wounded within a 24-hour span.

The first shooting occurred Monday night outside a Metro station, Fox Houston reported. An 18-year-old attempted to steal a backpack from a Veteran in a wheelchair.

The victim, who was armed, shot the suspect, who is expected to survive.

"The victim in the wheelchair was able to produce a firearm to defend himself and fired multiple shots striking the suspect," said Houston police Lt. J.P. Horelica told the news outlet.

On Tuesday morning, a burglar tried to break into a home but fled when the security alarm went off. However, a retired police officer nearby followed the suspect and confronted him.

Both exchanged gunfire and were shot. They are both expected to live.

"It’s a pretty scary day," Patches Mohammed, who lives in the targeted home, told the news outlet. "Frightening. I see him [on surveillance video] kick in the door and the wood falls to the floor. Then, he walks in the with gun pointed down. It seems like he was looking around. I think the alarm scared him."

"I think it was God’s intention for him to get caught today, because at some point you need to stop," she added. "I’m glad the officer is going to be okay. I can’t wait to see him and tell him thank you for what he did for us."

Hours later on Tuesday afternoon, two food truck workers defended themselves against a suspected thief. The suspect pointed a weapon at one of them before it jammed. A grandmother, who owned the truck, shot the 23-year-old suspect.

Keshondra Howard Turner, 53, who is licensed to carry, fired several shots at the robber, who collapsed 50 feet away and was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.