Statins Study


ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — Clinicians with Charles George VA Medical Center (CGVAMC) in Asheville are participating in a study looking at the effect’s statins have on the elderly.

Asheville's VA is one of 50 VA medical centers across the nation taking part in the study focused on older people.

The VA explains that statins are drugs used by millions of Americans to lower cholesterol, but most of the research surrounding them has focused on middle-aged people. This new study the VA is participating in, called PREVENTABLE, focuses on how taking the statin atorvastatin (sold as Lipitor) could help adults 75 and older who don’t have cardiovascular disease improve their lives by preventing dementia, disability or heart disease.

“This is a very large study addressing a clinical question that is a quandary to patients and providers alike,” Dr. Brian Peek, CGVAMC Chief of Pharmacy and Associate Chief of Staff for Research, said in a news release. “Most providers have had to deal with questions about statins without as much information as needed.” Others on the team at CGVAMC are Dr. Michael Lindow and Pharmacist Angela Pentecost – both co-investigators, and Research Study Coordinator Jessica Michael.

The VA network is one of 100 health systems represented in the research. With the large number of sites and a plan to include 20,000 participants in the 75-plus age range, PREVENTABLE stands to be among the largest-ever health studies in older adults.

Veterans who receive their health care at the Western North Carolina VA Health Care System can participate by contacting the study team at 828-298-7911 ext. 4245.


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