Take Action


The number of veterans experiencing homelessness saw a decrease of 11% during January 2020, according to the January 2022 point-in-time count led by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, drawing the U.S. closer to ending homelessness among veterans. Compared with non-veterans, however, veterans are at higher risk of homelessness, and women veterans especially face unique challenges that increase their risk of homelessness.

To continue the progress toward eliminating homelessness among veterans, H.R. 645, the Healthy Foundations for Homeless Veterans Act, would permanently authorize the use of certain funds to improve flexibility in the provision of assistance to homeless veterans.

Consistent with DAV Resolution No. 060, DAV strongly supports H.R. 645. The bill would strengthen the capacity of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Homeless Veterans Program by authorizing use of available funds to assist with:

  • Expenses such as food, shelter, clothing, blankets, and hygiene items;
  • Transportation to appointments with service providers, housing searches, and the attainment of food and supplies;
  • Communications equipment and services such as tablets, smartphones, disposable phones, and related service plans;
  • Contacting service providers, prospective landlords, and family members.

We are calling on all DAV members and supporters to contact their representative and urge them to co-sponsor and support H.R. 645 to end homelessness among veterans.