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Warrior Care Month: Supporting the strength, resilience of service members

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Dr Paul Cordts


Warrior Care Month is a time to reflect on the strength and resilience of our nation’s wounded, ill, and injured service members while also recognizing the dedication of military caregivers who support our service members during their recovery and rehabilitation.

Since 2008, the Department of Defense has dedicated the month of November to increasing awareness of programs and resources available to this community—programs and resources designed to support service members as they achieve significant milestones during their recovery process. This month, the Defense Health Agency and its partners remain committed to highlighting the important work being done in the field of recovery coordination and warrior care. Through our collective efforts, we are able to successfully transition many service members to the civilian sector or, in some cases, facilitate their return to duty.

Much of what Warrior Care Month stands for is embodied by the physical, mental, and spiritual resiliency of our service members and their families. This year, these traits will be on display throughout the month at joint service adaptive sports camps, healing arts events, internship fairs, and many other events and activities designed to support recovering service members throughout the country. These events and activities occur as part of a coordinated effort under the DHA's Recovery Coordination Program, which ensures a customized approach for rehabilitation and reintegration will be developed for each wounded, ill, and injured service member.

While we highlight Warrior Care Month in November, recovery coordination is a year-round mission for the professionals within the DHA and the military service Warrior Care Programs that proactively support wounded, ill, and injured service members during their recovery and rehabilitation on a daily basis. For DHA, proactive means we are constantly looking for new and exciting opportunities to enhance and customize the recovery and rehabilitation process to ensure every individual establishes and progresses through a recovery plan that sets them up for success.

During Warrior Care Month, we take a moment to remind ourselves of the personal sacrifices made on the road to recovery and rehabilitation, and acknowledge that this journey cannot be taken alone. It is a continuous, collective effort among the service members, their families, support staff, and caregivers that makes this process successful. With an ongoing commitment to enhancing and improving programs and resources, in concert with unparalleled medical care, we can help ensure success for our service members, and I am grateful for your commitment and dedication throughout the year.


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