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VA survey to collect customer feedback on education benefits

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today announced the launching of its Veterans Signals (VSignals) surveys to assess education benefits processes.

VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) will email one of three surveys to randomly selected Veterans and beneficiaries who have recently interacted with VA’s education benefits program.

The survey focuses on the experience at one of three critical touchpoints in the GI Bill journey: either applying for benefits, enrolling in school or receiving education benefits offered through VBA. VA provides education benefits to more than 900,000 beneficiaries annually.

“VA is using VSignals as part of a strategy to leverage customer experience data,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “The surveys give beneficiaries an opportunity to provide direct feedback on VA’s performance. We are constantly searching for ways to better serve the nation’s Veterans.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to improve customer satisfaction, VBA worked with beneficiaries to design the surveys. The results will be used to identify trends in customer experience and design program improvements as necessary. Education participants will have the opportunity to give direct feedback regarding education benefits and services.

Direct feedback, from Veterans and other beneficiaries, is a key component of VBA’s three-part customer experience framework which is to:

  • Listen to our customers.
  • Improve processes, benefits and services based on what we hear.
  • Empower employees to act.

VA’s Veterans Experience Office (VEO) built the VSignals platform based on industry best practices for use across VA to collect feedback and transform the experience Veterans have when they interact with VA. Since June 2017, VSignals has surveyed more than 28.8 million participants, receiving 5.2 million responses with an average return rate of 17.9%.

Learn more about the G.I. Bill or to apply for educational benefits.


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