How is it treated or controlled?

Because the body isn’t producing insulin it has to be replaced by other means. At present, it is usually given by regular injections or by a continuous injection system like a pump. In addition to insulin injections a healthy way of eating and physical activity, promoting growth and normal weight, are seen as a crucial part of the treatment. Regular monitoring of blood glucose levels is necessary so that insulin can be adjusted for food and activity levels. The aim of the treatment is to maintain blood glucose within the normal range of 4 to 7 mmol/L. for as much of the time as possible. Basic information on how to control the type 1 diabetes is normally given at the time of diagnosis.

An important element of type 1 diabetes management is to have regular check ups of how the body is coping. In addition there will be an annual check up at the hospital where comprehensive tests will be carried out. This annual check up will also include a discussion of how type 1 diabetes is affecting daily life and an opportunity to ask questions.