What is the National Academy of Sciences doing regarding this issue?

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS), a non-governmental organization, is reviewing all relevant scientific literature and providing advice to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on a wide range of issues relative to herbicides and dioxin. The NAS project is being undertaken in accordance with Public Law 102-4, the Agent Orange Act of 1991, signed by President Bush on February 6, 1991. The NAS reported its initial findings to VA and Congress in July 1993. The first update report was released on March 14, 1996. The second update was released on February 11, 1999. A special report on the relationship between herbicides used in Vietnam and Agent Orange was released on October 11, 2000. The third update was released on April 19, 2001. The fourth update was released on January 23, 2003. A second special report was issued on February 27, 2002. This special report reassessed the relationship between herbicides and acute myelogenous leukemia in the children of Vietnam veterans. The fifth update was released on March 4, 2005. Future reports are anticipated biennially through 2014 under current law. For a number of years, the NAS was also considering the feasibility of developing a historical herbicide exposure reconstruction model that could be used in Agent Orange-related research efforts. In April 2003, the NAS concluded that with the current technology, a study is feasible. (Copies of these reports are available at www.nap.edu.)