I will have trouble paying for amyloidosis evaluation & treatment. What should I do?

Financial Aid for Amyloidosis Treatment

If you’re having trouble paying for treatment, the following strategies may help.

Enroll in a clinical trial - Drug makers or the National Cancer Institute often provide free drugs to participants of clinical trials. Check http://www.cancer.gov/ or http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ or contact patient advocate groups or your doctor for information.

Contact the Patient Advocate Foundation - The, foundation, at http://www.patientadvocate.org/ helps insured patients get coverage for cancer drugs. The. Group’s new assistance program, http://www.copays.org/ , offers up to $2,.500 to help meet co-payments, premiums. and out-of-pocket expenses.

Find out if you are eligible for Medicare - Amyloidosis patients disabled by their disease may quantify. A lottery program offers help paying for some oral medications. Go to http://www.medicare.gov/ and click on Medicare Replacement Drug Demonstration.

Contact the manufacturer of your cancer medication - Many offer free medicine to the poor or uninsured. For a list of companies with assistance .programs, go to http://www.phrma.org/ or http://www.helpingpatients.org/. http://www.themedicineprogram.com/ helps patients find out if they qualify for various programs; $5 fee per medication.

Tell your' doctor - Oncologists can steer patients to available assistance programs and clinical trials. They may be wiling to contact drug companies on a patient's behalf.

Go to your hospital's patient-services department - Most have someone on staff to help patients work with insurance companies to get coverage. They frequently know of other financial-assistance programs.

Contact a patient advocacy group - Many know of financial assistance programs for patients.