How HIV does not spread?

In order to dispel unnecessary fears, AIDS awareness programs must involve knowing how the disease is transmitted as well as how it is not. HIV is not transmitted through casual daily contact since the virus does not survive long in air, water. 

HIV does not spread…

  • During casual contact, social mixing such as touching, handshaking, staying in the same house or sitting next to someone in a crowded bus or train.
  • One should not worry about getting HIV from a colleague or co-worker by touching or being near to him or her. There is no evidence that sharing equipment like telephone, computer, typewriter, books, pen and other similar items spreads the virus.
  • Playing together does not spread HIV. Scientists believe that the amount of HIV present in sweat or tears of an infected person is so low that it is not enough to infect others.
  • HIV does not transmit by sharing of food, drinks, plates, and glasses and other items.
  • HIV does not spread through toilet seats, washbasins, bathtubs or swimming pools.
  • HIV does not spread through air so it does not get spread through sneeze or cough.
  • HIV does not spread by mosquitoes, bed bugs or other insects.